Sascha Ram

Panama - Argentina - Barcelona ·

Multi-disciplinary artist. My skills and background been using to work on different areas such as human rights, LGBTIQ+, Transgender rights, indigenous communities, citizen innovation, social innovation, social management, free software, open source, governance, cinema, theatre and music for special projects, corporate social responsibility, software libre and opensource.


Startup Social Entrepreneurial

Trans Route, Save Haven (Ruta Trans, lugares seguros)

Author of The trans route, safe haven. The project still development to realize in Rosario, Argentina to the rest of Latin-American and development with amazing crew of people of differents countries and professional backgrounds. The App will been show the beta testing in August 2019.

June 2018 - Present

Corporate social responsability Adviser

Private practice

Evaluate and identify opportunities, to make an accurate strategy. Citizen Innovation Make consulting for private clients. And how improve the management of their own CSR.

January 2014 - Present

Co-designer and external Adviser .

Gente Project, digital typography for wounaan community

Documentary of the process, and the strategies to communicate and receive the permission of the indigenous chiefs and members of community and keep those relations on wealth condition. Realize the content of the speaker and other social codes to express all the opportunity of this work (Cartagena de Indias, Colombia).

July 2016 - December 2018

Executive Director


NGO working on education focused on adults and children artistic development. Programs: music class, painting and dance.

January 2014 - January 2015


Visual And Music

Czecz Republique, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain. On this Countris I work in Theatre, Cinema Shorts Films Director (Quien tiene la Llave), Illustration and most part of the time like multinstrument musician and songwriting. Play the guitar, melodica and sitar on individual songs and collective project when i ve been co-founder like The mutant Band of the Barcelona Subway, The Virtual Jam (Electronic Music for Live Performance), Ram (songwriter project with interactive music to perform with audience), Ram - Ali Project (Electronic music), Suriaf (Organic Rock), and my personal project My Ram Music (songwriter project).

September 2006 - Present


Louisville University

NGO Management Diplomate
Non Profit Management Program (Georgetown Pilot Program in Panam√°)

Area: Corporate Social Responsability

January 2014 - December 2015

Barcelona University

DEA (Advanced Studies Diplomate) (Phd candidate)

Area: Sociology, Sexualities, Urban Studies Disertation "Characteristics of Gentrification on Castro in San Francisco, California vs L'Eixample in Barcelona". Comparative studies between the development of LGBTI district on both cities, focus on this area.

September 2006 - Novemeber 2008

Panama University

Bachellor Degree in Sociology

Area: Grassroots and Social Security. Final research project "The construction workers and social securities issues".

April 1998 - August 2004


Apart from imagine projects, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors walking to focus my perspective of the value of the time in nature. Voluntering for the national civil protection system on radio communications.

When forced indoors by the tropical wheather I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements for resolve social issues.

Licenses & Fellows

  • Sociology License- Panama -2005.
  • Ham Radio License - Panama - 2018.
  • RPA (Remote Pilot Aircraft) Panama 2018.
  • Real Estate License- Panama 2004.
  • Fellow from SEGIB (Secretaria de Gobierno Iberoamericana) Citizen Innovation Lab Program base on sustainable development goals of United Nations-LABICAR -Rosario- Argentina-2018
  • Fellow from European Union Non formal Education - Formation on TOTO (Theatre of opressed) Augusto Boal techniques base on Paulo Freire theory apply on LGBTIQ+ issues -Praga and Jevicko, Czec Republique 2017.
  • Fellow Media Lab Prado - Collective Inteligence for Democracy Madrid-Spain 2016.
  • Fellow Labicco - Citizen Innovation Lab- Cartagena de Indias, Colombia 2016.
  • Fellow UNICEF FOR NGO PROGRAM -PANAMA (Georgetown University Pilot Program for Latinamerica)
  • Fellow from South School of Internet Governance 2013
  • Fellow of Science and Technology Secretary of Panama 2008.